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Enclosures Online

Complete estimating software solution designed to save contractors time and money.


Reinvent the Way You Quote

Design and quote elegant and contemporary frameless shower enclosures in the office or in the field with Enclosures Online. The program eliminates the need to manually work through a shower enclosure design–including computing glass sizes, gaps, and hardware locations–saving valuable time.

Increase Productivity, Accuracy, and Speed

Designing and quoting frameless shower enclosures has never been easier. Enclosures Online bypasses the time-consuming task of manually computing shower enclosures glass sizes, gaps, hardware locations, and tolerances. Simply input field measurements for a particular job, and the program will calculate final glass sizes, door hinge and handle locations, miters, and more. Its user-friendly interface features a built-in warning system that will automatically identify and assist in correcting design flaws that will impact the system's structural integrity.

Enclosures Online offers full capacity for designing enclosures with pivoting doors, bi-folding doors, and sliding doors, in addition to a selection of over 200 shower enclosure configurations. Users also have the option to choose numerous default settings, including door hinge types, glass thicknesses, and clearances. For added convenience, the program keeps a record of all jobs, preferred shower enclosure hardware, custom configurations, and quoted prices.

A built-in warning system quickly identifies and assists in correcting design flaws associated with component limitations to ensure structural performance and code requirements are met. Fully automated processes serve to minimize costly errors on estimates that can be detrimental to a glazing contractor. These and other key benefits make Enclosures Online an invaluable tool for building envelope projects.

  • Full support for designing pivoting, sliding, and bi-folding shower doors
  • Produces quotes in the field during customer consultations
  • Ensures structural integrity of shower enclosures
  • Provides glass sizes and a complete parts list
  • Order parts and hardware directly through the program
  • Select from over 200 templates or create a custom enclosure
  • Convenient access anytime and anywhere using a mobile device

Key Benefits of Enclosures Online

Peace of Mind

By automating the design process, Enclosures Online minimizes costly errors on estimates. The program issues warnings when designs are flawed, and it accurately calculates glass sizes and hardware placement.

Speed and Simplicity

The program's intuitive interface does most of the work so contractors can bid more jobs in less time. Team members without extensive experience can quickly become capable estimators.

Absolute Convenience

Enclosures Online is a web-based program, providing 24-hour access seven days a week. It's compatible with most desktop and mobile devices, allowing contractors to produce quotes in the shop or in the field directly in front of customers.

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